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Past studies

When a study is completed, an Implementation Task Force is formed to advocate for the recommendations made by the study committee. At the conclusion of the implementation phase (two - three years), a report of the Implementation Task Force is produced to record the results of their work.

2019 Affordable Housing
Chair Meagan Anderson Pira

2016 Education as a Path to Economic Growth
Chair Jan Foster

2015 Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Opportunities
Chair Adam Kirtley.

2014 Improving Food Security
Chair Anne Haley.

2013 Improving Communication Among Citizens and Government
Chair Douglas Carlsen.

2011 Reducing Gang Membership Through Prevention
Chair Rick Griffin.

2010—Optimizing Resources; Value-added Agriculture
Chair Mari Sanders.

2009—Enhancing the Educational Attainment of Our Region's Children
Chair Roger Bairstow.

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