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Community Indicators

Community Indicators seeks to inspire and inform action in our region through community conversations that incorporate data.

This project, developed in collaboration with Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Sherwood Trust, United Way of Walla Walla County and the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health, fuses two earlier efforts: Data Walks and Community Conversations. The Data Walks provided residents with indicators to help them better understand demographic, social, environmental and economic trends in our region; Community Conversations brings residents together to engage in discussions of what matters and how to create desired change. In bringing the two together, we seek to convene conversations about our region's quality of life that are informed by valid, reliable, sound and locally relevant data.

In the long term, Community Indicators will inform community action through periodic review of the indicators, reassessment of the data and re-engagement of community members. In this way, we will regularly engage the community in developing a road map—reflecting on where we have been, where we are now, where we want to go and how to get there.

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