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Community Conversations

Community Conversations brings residents together to learn about and discuss the quality of life in our region. By incorporating locally relevant demographic, social, economic, and environmental data into conversations about wellbeing in our region, Community Conversations inspire change and inform collaborative action to build a region where everyone thrives.

Community Conversations is developed in partnership with Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Sherwood Trust, and United Way of the Blue Mountains. This effort builds on our earlier Data Walks project, which engaged residents in conversations about demographic, social, and economic trends in our region. In the long term, we hope that Community Conversations will become an enduring part of our region’s civic infrastructure that will be used to:

  • inform residents about social, economic, and environmental conditions;
  • build consensus around shared goals and priority action areas;
  • catalyze action to achieve goals; and
  • monitor progress towards the identified goals.

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