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New Community Council website provides study updates, reports progress of activities

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contact: Mary Campbell

Visit, Community Council’s vibrant new website, to learn about the organization and its activities. The website will answer the following questions and many more:

  • What has the Community Council Study Committee been learning about value-added agriculture businesses and how they may improve the economic viability of the region?
  • What are the recommendations from last year’s study of the impact of educational and mental health needs and housing stability on students’ educational attainment? How are they being implemented?
  • Can I suggest at topic for study?
  • How can I participate with Community Council’s activities?
  • “This website will enable everyone to access the latest information about Community Council and community improvement efforts in the region,” said Jay Turner, President. “Community Council facilitates a community process. Everyone is invited to be involved. The stronger the participation, the likelier it is that the outcome will be successful. Studies provide a way for citizens to thoroughly understand important issues that affect us all and to develop positive solutions that will benefit the regional community.

“Not only can you learn more about the individual topics addressed by the studies, but you’ll be able to suggest concerns that should be the focus of future studies.” Criteria and forms for nominating a study topic are available.

The website offers information about the governance, committees, mission of Community Council, membership forms, a calendar and contact information.

The 2009-10 committee studying value-added agriculture has heard from 26 resource speakers. Summaries of each session are available online. The full study report will be available this summer after the committee finishes its work and the completed report is adopted by Community Council Board of Directors. The 2008-09 report and summaries are also available.

Periodic reports on efforts to implement recommendations from each study will be posted.

“We thank Coffey Communication for their work to design an attractive, user-friendly tool through which the public can learn more about important issues in the region,” stated Turner.

The Community Council was formally organized in 2008 to inspire a citizen-driven, consensus-based, problem-solving process to prepare the region for future growth, change, and challenges and to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Its focus area lies between Burbank and Dayton, from the Snake River to Milton-Freewater.

For additional information call Julie Reese, Community Council Executive Director, 509-540-6720, or visit

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