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Study Committee

The study committee meets for 1.5 hours each week, for approximately 26 weeks. The first 15 to 17 of these meetings focus on fact finding, with significant input from resource people. The subsequent eight or nine meetings are devoted to preparing the committee's written report, including recommendations for change.

The committee's report contains the results of fact finding, conclusions from the findings, and recommendations for positive change. When the committee has reached consensus on its findings, conclusions, and recommendations, the study report goes to the board for review and approval.

Once approved by the board, the study becomes the position of Community Council, and is then released to the community at Community Council's annual luncheon, which is usually held in June.

Participation on a study committee is free an open to the public. Because this is a shared learning experience, where knowledge is built incrementally, opinions are shared, and minds are changed, regular participation is important.

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