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Implementation Task Force

The Implementation Task Force advocates for the implementation of the study recommendations.

Implementation strategy

The task force begins by developing an action plan. Once the strategy is established, contacts are made with the decision makers and institutions toward whom recommendations are to be directed. Initially, the goal is to draw attention to the recommendations. Contacts quickly move from sharing information to advocating for implementation.

The implementation process differs from the study process. There are no weekly meetings, contacts are made and meetings are held only as needed. Activity may come in spurts, as decisions by public officials are anticipated or as discussion of issues becomes intense.

The results

At the end of the implementation phase, usually two to three years, a final report reviewing the extent to which each recommendation has been implemented is drafted. The report is presented to Community Council's board of directors. The board may accept the report and officially close Community Council's implementation effort or it may suggest additional action.

Often, implementation continues informally because the volunteers who have invested so much effort in a community issue don't want to end their involvement.

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