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Study topic

Propose study topics

What do you think the Community Council should study next?

Each year the Community Council seeks suggestions from its members, community leaders and the general public to help determine the topic for its next study.

Submit your idea as a question

Please be very specific with your suggestions, and avoid large topical subjects such as "education," "air quality" and "healthcare." Try framing the issue as a question. For example: Rather than submitting "air quality in southeast Washington and northeast Oregon," ask "Is the quality of southeast Washington and northeast Oregon's air deteriorating? If so, what impact will that have on the regions quality of life and economic development? What can be done to make the air cleaner?"

Does your idea meet the study issue criteria?

Definition and Manageability: Is the issue adequately defined so that a study committee would have a clear understanding of its assignment? Can the issue be researched and effectively handled by the study process?

Importance: Is the issue of importance to the community? Does it affect large numbers of people on an economic or quality-of-life basis?

Necessity: Is it likely that other groups can or will carry out a similar study?

Citizen Interest: Is the issue likely to attract participation from a broad spectrum of members of the community at large?

Effectiveness: Can the issue be resolved by reason, based on fact, or are the emotional overtones too great to permit reasoned analysis?

Timeliness: Will the study provide guidance for decisions needed now? Is there enough time to complete the study before community decisions must be made?


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