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Citizen-driven problem solving

Our study/action process of positive community change engages residents in developing long-term solutions to complex regional problems. During this 3-4 year process, community members identify a topic of regional significance, study that topic intensively, generate recommendations for improvement, and advocate for positive change.

Community Indicators bring data into conversations about our region's well-being. By providing access to reliable action-oriented data regarding community-identified priorities, this project helps community members target areas of need, design strategies for positive change, and catalyze collaborative action towards shared goals.

Study Topics

The study process engages community members in a study/action model of positive community change. Community members identify a topic of regional significance, learn about the issue, craft recommendations, and advocate for change.

Community Indicators

Community Indicators seeks to inspire and inform action in our region through community conversations that incorporate data. In the long term, Community Indicators will inform community action through periodic review of the indicators, reassessment of the data and re-engagement of community members.

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