Study Process and Reports


The Community Council seeks suggestions from all sectors to help determine the major issues we should study. The program committee and the Community Council board will then choose one of these issues to become the subject of an in-depth investigation. The in-depth investigation results in a set of recommendations that are then implemented.

Community Study Process

  1. Program committee identifies and board selects topic.
  2. Study committee researches topic and gives recommendations.
  3. Implementation task force implements recommendations.
  4. Community Council board of directors monitors results.

We urge you to be involved:

The study process is carried out by three committees each composed of community members: the program committee, the study committee and the implementation task force.

Initial Review

The program committee reviews and prioritizes the issues and recommends the top-ranked issues to the Community Council board of directors for consideration. The topic approved by the board becomes the next study topic. (Learn more about the program committee. Propose a study topic.)


The study committee studies the selected topic. All area residents are encouraged to participate in the study. (Learn more about the study committee. Join the study committee.)

Implementation Task Force

The implementation task force advocates for implementation of the recommendations of the Study Committee. By adopting the study committee’s report and recommendations, the board of directors commits the Community Council to support this implementation effort for two years. (Learn more about the Implementation Task Force.)

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