Study Process and Reports

Implementation of Study

When a study is completed, we form an implementation task force to begin the work of advocating for the recommendations made by the study committee. The implementation task force records the results of their work in an annual and final reports.

Implementation Task Force Reports

2015 - How can we promote, enhance, and develop outdoor recreational opportunities and accessibility to improve the region's quality of life and economic vitality?  -  Chair, Adam Kirtley
Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Opportunities Implementation Task Force Report.pdf

2014 — How can we ensure that all residents of the region have access to adequate amounts of nutritious food and the means to utilize them? — Chair, Anne Haley
Improving Food Security Implementation Task Force Report.pdf

2013 — How can communication and cooperation among citizens and government entities help to ensure that regional and community challenges are identified, understood, and addressed? — Chair, Douglas Carlsen
Improving Communitcation Among Citizens and Government Implementation Report.pdf

2011—How can prevention efforts reduce gang membership and the impacts of gang activity on the region?—Co-Chairs, Jim Sporleder and Julia Leavitt
Reducing Gang Membership Implementation Report.pdf

2010—How can the creation of value-added agriculture businesses improve the economic vitality of our region?—Chair, Mark James
Value-Added Agriculture Implementation Report.pdf

2009—How can the region best coordinate its educational, mental health and housing stability services to improve the educational attainment of its children?—Chair, Robert Zagelow  
Enhancing Eduational Attainment Implementation Final Report.pdf

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