Data Walk

Community Council, in collaboration with the Sherwood Trust, Walla Walla County Department of Community Health, and Blue Mountain Community Foundation, hosted two public meetings, called Data Walks, in December 2015, and February 2016. The meetings were an opportunity to discuss data that reflects social and economic trends in our region, which includes Columbia and Walla Walla counties, and the Milton-Freewater area. Our guide for both meetings was Dr. Lori Pfingst of the Washington State Budget & Policy Center. Dr. Pfingst is the lead researcher on the Progress Index and Washington KIDS COUNT, which are tools that measure the well-being of Washingtonians. At the Data Walk, participants were invited to review a series of maps and charts that illustrated different measures of social and economic well-being in our region. Participants then shared their insights into the stories behind the data, and discussed current community conditions and goals for the future.

The full report is available here:  Building a Better Blue Mountain Region

Below are the posters that were developed for the Data Walk in February, which expanded on the data presented at the December Data Walk.  Please note that there are some errors in these posters. Corrected versions can be found in the report, above.

Vínculos a los cuadros estadísticos en español

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