Welcome to Community Council



Please join Community Council at our annual luncheon on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 from noon to 1:15 pm at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. In recognition of multiple community efforts to strengthen our region, this year’s theme, “Connecting the Community,” celebrates the success of Community Conversations and the on-going development of the Blue Mountain Region Trails project. Tickets to the luncheon are $30/person and must be purchased in advance. 

Community Conversations, a collaborative project to identify a vision for the future and set of regional priorities, has resulted in a new level of community engagement in our region. By bringing our diverse population together to learn from each other and identify shared values, we have established a strong foundation for collaborative efforts that will make our towns and communities more resilient.

The Blue Mountain Region Trails project is a collaborative effort of unprecedented scale to develop a blueprint for a region-wide non-motorized trails and transportation network. This project is one of the many recommendations that the "Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Opportunities" Implementation Task Force has been advocating for, and was identified as a regional goal through the Community Conversations project. This far-reaching planning effort will increase outdoor recreation opportunities, enhance health and mobility, support economic development, and improve the quality of life for all in our region.

To purchase tickets, please email Mary Campbell:  mcampbell@wwcommunitycouncil.org or call 509-540-6720.



About the Council

The council helps address community issues by bringing residents of the region together to study topics and implement recommended solutions.

Community Study Process

  1. The program committee identifies—and the board selects—a topic.
  2. The study committee studies the topic and gives recommendations.
  3. The implementation task force implements recommendations.
  4. The community council board of directors monitors the results.

The council encompasses the entire Walla Walla region, from Dayton to Burbank and Milton-Freewater to the Snake River.